What We DO

We understand the importance of maintaining independence and living in your own home for as long as possible.  To help you achieve this lifestyle and comfort , Pop-Up Community Care provides quality nursing care in your own home environment.


Our qualified, dedicated and friendly nurses enjoy providing individual care in a holistic manner with professionalism and kindness.  We work as a team and partner with your General Practitioner to ensure you receive the very best of care, without having to leave your home or alter your lifestyle.

As an advocate for your heath and wellbeing, we ensure that your choices are respected and that you are provided with as much information as possible for decisions about your health and treatment.

We comply with all relevant standards and legislation to fulfil your healthcare needs and we pride ourselves on our relationship with each client.  Being a South Australian owned and operated business, the wellbeing of our local community is important to us.  Pop-Up Community Care are proud to deliver a personal, meaningful service which rewards our clients with the care they need in an environment they choose.

Our Mission

We are passionate. We are committed to better health outcomes. We are bold. We innovate and lead. We are responsive and unique.

Together, we care for our community.

Our Vision

To be a responsive and trusted leader providing world class health care to the SA community



“Having the nurses visit me daily means no more visits to the hospital” 

Les, 96 Years Old

"I had an amazing experience with Pop-Up Community Care. All the nurses were very respectful and friendly"

Sarah, 36 Years Old

"They were always on time. They exhibited great wound techniques and infection control procedures"

Catherine, 60 Years Old

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