Client  Safety

24th May 2022

Pop-Up Health is committed to high quality client centred care. This includes the importance of ensuring all clients are provided with information about the incident management process and the importance of Open Disclosure in the care we provide to our clients.

The clinical team at Pop-Up Health are required to document all incidents that occur and report these to the leadership team at Pop-Up Health. The organisation uses standardised templates to ensure that all incidents are documented comprehensively and reviewed appropriately by all levels of the organisation. This includes a comprehensive investigation undertaken by the leadership team to look for opportunities to improve the services we provide.

Depending on the type of care you are receiving and the type of incident which occurred, Pop-Up Health nurses may be required to report this incident to a government agency. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.

Quality Improvement is a key focus of the Pop-Up Health commitment to high quality care, and the Pop-Up team continually review all care practices, data and incidents as opportunities to improve, innovate and continue to provide high quality care.

The Open Disclosure processes of the organisation, which focuses on transparency in the care we provide to clients and the importance of open communication in the event of an incident, is an essential element of the induction process at Pop-Up Health and important to ensure nurses working with clients are trained appropriately in an event that care may not progress towards a clients plan.

Supporting Clients to access advocacy support services is also an important part of the nursing role within Pop-Up Health and our nursing team is trained to support clients to identify appropriate advocacy services and provide information to our clients to support their wellbeing.

If you have any questions in regards to Pop-Up Health’s Incident Management System or you have feedback in regards to our care we have provided please contact the Pop-Up Health offices on:

PH: 1300 858 047