Privacy  Statement

24th May 2022

Pop-Up Health respects the rights of individuals to privacy and the confidentiality of information about individuals it deals with. Stakeholders and individuals to which the information belongs have a right to understand the privacy policy and are required to give their consent before personal information is disclosed.  

Pop-Up Health is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles and South Australian laws, including the Privacy Act 1998. The Principles are designed to protect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of individuals by regulating the way personal information is managed by certain private sector organisations, including Pop-Up Health.

In conducting business activities, personal information will be collected and stored by Pop-Up Health. Given the sensitive nature of information collected, handling of all personal information will be performed in accordance with applicable laws, guidelines and measures.

The main purposes in collecting personal information are:

  • to provide our services 

  • to respond to an individual's request  

  • to maintain contact with clients

Personal information collected and held by Pop-Up Health will only be accessed and handled by personnel authorised to do so, for the purpose of carrying out their duties. This organisation will work closely with other agencies to coordinate the best support for you and your family.  Your informed consent for the sharing of information will be sought and respected in all situations unless:

  • we are obliged by law to disclose your information regardless of consent or otherwise 

  • it is unsafe or impossible to gain consent or consent has been refused, and, 

  • without information being shared, it is anticipated a child, young person or adult will be at risk of serious harm, abuse or neglect, or pose a risk to their own or public health or safety. 

Pop-Up Health is committed to holding personal information securely and as such, will take reasonable steps to protect this information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

Pop-Up Health’s privacy policy can be obtained by contacting Pop Up Health. Personal information held by Pop-Up Health may be accessed or corrected by the individual to whom the information belongs. A request to access personal information must be in writing to Pop-Up Health. When an individual makes a request to access personal information, Pop-Up Health will require them to provide identification so that Pop-Up Health can verify that they are the person to whom the information relates.

If you have any questions in regards to Pop-Up Health’s Privacy activities or you have feedback in regards to our privacy information please contact the Pop-Up Health Privacy Officer on: 

PH: 1300 858 047